Our Dynamic Ranch Horse “DOMINO!”

When our mighty horse Domino leaps across the meadow in this manner, he gets a lot of attention! He was added to the herd many years ago as a big, reliable, and bomb-proof animal. But to look at these photo one might wonder if those characteristics are true.

Another photo of Domino that might give you second thoughts about getting on his back to ride the wilderness trails is this closeup of his eyes and facial markings. The distinct white patch on his forehead makes him easy to recognize, but it can also look threatening, especially when standing next to his big body. However, Domino has been a favorite horse for guests to ride over the years, and you can see that he patiently waits for nis rider to arrive at the corral for a new adventure on the trail. No leaping or threatening looks from Domino! It’s not in his nature….

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