Affordable Montana Dude Ranch Near Yellowstone

How to Get to Our Affordable Small Dude Ranch in Montana

We’re conveniently located on your route to Yellowstone National Park! Consider spending a week with us if you can.

Situated 24 miles north of the park border, our ranch is nestled within a roadless wilderness area. While the roads don’t traverse this rugged terrain, accessing us is worth the journey.

You have a couple of travel options: The Gardiner entrance entails about three hours of travel time, or you could opt for the Cooke City and Red Lodge route.

For optimal planning, we recommend arranging your park visit either before or after your stay with us.

Hawley Mountain Ranch in McLeod, Montana

  • Fly into Billings or Bozeman.
  • Take I-90 and exit into Big Timber where you will find Route 298 going south.
  • There are green markers on driveways that will tell you where you are.
  • Ours is 4188 which indicates that we are 41.8 miles south of Big Timber.
  • The last 17 miles are on gravel road. Driving time from Big Timber is one and a half hours.

Note: Make sure to download directions as cell service is limited.

Montana Dude Ranch Between Bozeman and Billings, and Close to Yellowstone National Park

The ranch is 24 miles north of the park border, but the roads don’t go through the roadless wilderness area that we are located in.

The Gardiner entrance is about three hours travel time, or you could go through Cooke City and Red Lodge.

It’s best to plan your park visit before or after you stay with us.

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Montana's Affordable Dude Ranch

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Discover Montana’s untamed beauty at Hawley Mountain Ranch! Leave the city behind and immerse yourself in vast open spaces, untouched landscapes, and authentic Western hospitality. Enjoy unforgettable horseback riding, fly-fishing in pristine streams, and more at Montana’s top affordable dude ranch.

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