Montana Jeep Adventure Photos

Montana ghost town and glacier lake
Ride in our Pinzgauer to a ghost town and alpine lake
hikers head toward Monument Peak
Hikers ready to climb Monument Peak
hiking to top of Montana mountain
Climb to 11,000 feet to view majestic scenery
scenic picnic by Montana glacier lake
A perfect place to enjoy a picnic!
Independence ghost town in Montana
Explore ghost town mining remnants at Independence
snow sliding on Montana mountain
All ages love “snow sliding” in July!
Monument Peak hike
Climb Monument Peak for a breathtaking view!
view from Montana mountain peak
You can see forever from this mountain top.
jeep trip into Montana wilderness
The pinzgauer will go anywhere!
children at Montana ghost town
Two cute girls in the old post office window frame
jeep trip to Montana ghost town
Not much left of the ghost town post office.
family vacation in Montana mountains
Hikers check ghost town ruins
Montana ghost town remnants
Mercentile store remains at ghost town
historical gold mining in Montana
If this old gold mining mill could talk...
ghost town mining equipment
Dude ranch co-owner explains how mine equipment works
dude ranch vacation activity
Adventure lies ahead for these guests as they head for the high country.
Montana wilderness road by jeep
The beginning of the wilderness trip before the road gets bumpy!
Montana jeep trip into wilderness
Riding in the Pinzgauer on the primitive mountain road can be a rather "bumpy" experience!
Montana family vacation snow sliding
Snow sliding brings big smiles.
ranch guests view Montana mountains
Lots of breathtaking mountains to view!
family vacation to Montana wilderness
Picnic, fish, hike, or just enjoy the view around Blue Lake.
children sliding in Montana wilderness
Sliding in the mountains in July is a new experience for many.
Montana family hiking vacation
A family enjoying the outdoor experience
families hiking in Montana mountains
Families share lots of memories on this Montana mountain adventure.
Montana fools gold in wilderness
Hunting for "fool's gold" is a fun activity in the old mining area.
gold mining equipment in Montana
The rock crusher played an important part in the area's gold mining history.
mining history in Montana
Buried under decades of boughs and compost can be found mining remnants of days gone by.


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