GRAB YOUR BINOCULARS for Bird Watching in Montana!

Bird Watching….. A Popular Activity at Hawley Mountain

One source of entertainment for our guests, especially those living in the cities, is watching the various species of birds that are part of our wilderness habitat. Depending on the season, the variety changes from month to month. Perhaps the most unusual bird we see is the Western Tangier, recognized by its bright yellow and orange plumage. Occasionally a blue bird is spotted, and a bald eagle and osprey are frequent visitors to the pond area eyeing those tasty trout.

The Cassin Finches are fun to watch at the feeder, as are the hummingbirds which enjoy their feeders from late May-August. Other birds observed in the area are the crossbills, grosbeaks, and stellar jays. Advice to the guests….keep those binoculars handy!

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