Got a Hankerin’ for a Great Cup of Cowboy Coffee?

We know just the place to enjoy this tasty brew. Cowboy coffee is prepared twice a week at the Hawley Mountain Ranch cookouts.

This “coffee making” duty is done by Ron Jarrett every week, and he prides himself on knowing just how to get the job done. First the water has to be heated until it’s boiling in the blue enamel coffee pot that has seen its share of open fires. Coffee grounds are then stirred into the boiling water, they simmer for a couple of minutes, and then a cup or two of cold water is added to hopefully settle most of the grounds.

Ready for a little cowboy coffee with your dessert? Ron happily serves his special brew to whoever is willing to give it a try.

This hot coffee is a great way to finish off a steak…..or sip with a brownie or some other yummy dessert that is served at the cookout. It especially “hits the spot” on those chilly September evenings when it’s a little harder to stay warm. A few coffee grounds left in the bottom of the cup is a sign that this beverage was a truly a cup of “cowboy coffee”!

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