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Dirty Faces....a Sign of a Great Meal!

"Guess what I ate at the cookout?"

dirty face 1

Bet you can't guess what I ate!

dirty face 3

Hawley Mountain Wranglers Work Hard!

A “wrangler” is defined as a person who herds or cares for livestock on a range.  That’s exactly what our wranglers at Hawley Mountain Ranch do….and they do their job well.

helping rider
crossing river


Crossing a Ranch River on Horseback

Why did the horses cross to the other side?  Because it's loads of fun!

Horses are wetting their whistles before heading across the pristine Boulder River.

katie and guest2

100th Year of Jarrett Ownership of Hawley Homestead

In 2017 we celebrated the 100 years that Hawley Mountain has been owned by the Jarrett family. This little piece of paradise was purchased from homesteader, Tom Hawley, bythe present co-owner’s great-great grandfather, Ralph Jarrett, back in 1917.  This photo shows Tom Hawley's  original cabin once located near our present day barn and corrals.



Got a Hankerin' for a Great Cup of Cowboy Coffee?

We know just the place to enjoy this tasty brew.  Cowboy coffee is prepared twice a week at the Hawley Mountain Ranch cookouts.  

cowboy coffee1

This "coffee making" duty is done by Ron Jarrett every week, and he prides himself on knowing just how to get the job done.  First the water has to be heated until it's boiling in the blue enamel coffee pot that has seen its share of open fires.  Coffee grounds are then stirred into the boiling water, they simmer for a couple of minutes, and then a cup or two of cold water is added to hopefully settle most of the grounds.

cowboy coffee2

Ready for a little cowboy coffee with your dessert?  Ron happily serves his special brew to whoever is willing to give it a try.


"We're Watching You!"

When our horses are tied to the hitching rails waiting for guests to arrive, they have some time to look around and assess their "soon-to-be" riders.  Our little Annie is checking you out right now!

hawley mountain horses


sheepinpasture1 sm

 In 1917 Ralph Jarrett purchased the 160 acre homestead from Tom Hawley.  For a time the property was used to graze cattle, but then it became a resting spot for bands of sheep.  Jarrett sheep were herded across the West Boulder divide from the home ranch on the north side of the Yellowstone River between Big Timber and Springdale.  After trailing sheep for 35-40 miles herders stopped the bands at the Hawley Mountain property for 2-3 days.  Pasture was grazed before moving the bands of sheep on up the mountain divide to government permits in the higher elevations close to Yellowstone Park. 


What great experiences for children of all ages who come to Hawley Mountain with so much to do in one short week!  The days pass quickly as they are filled with lots of outdoor activities and things to explore. 

hawley mountain horseback riders
frog catching at hawley pond
trout fishing on boulder river

Riding to Higher Places in Montana....

Off to a high meadow in the Montana wilderness go the Hawley Mountain horseback riders! Placer Basin trail is popular for hikers, as well as horseback riders, because of the spectacular view when looking up the Boulder River valley. After a short stop to overlook the impressive Hells Canyon, the riders continue on up the trail to reach a lush meadow often covered with alpine wildflowers.

overlook HM    trail2 HM   group at HM

“Big Sky Country of Montana” 

No other place (in our opinion!) shows off the sky like Montana, thus named “Big Sky Country”. You can’t help but notice the rainbows (which are sometimes double in size) and the various cloud shapes and colors depending on the time of day or weather patterns. 

double rainbow
hawley mountain at sunrise
mountain at Hawley



Scurrying Here and There…..and Everywhere! 

chipmunk on log3

What an active year it was for the ranch chipmunk population!  It seems like they could be found everywhere!

Hiking MOntana Mountains to the Top of the World!  

If you have ever wanted to feel like you were viewing your surroundings from the top of the world, then join us on a hike up to Monument Peak which lies at the very end of a primitive road.  

"Thumbs Up!"

boy horseback rider

Sometimes our young guests are a bit apprehensive when getting on their horse for the first time.  It’s a new experience for many.  



A “wrangler” is defined as a person who herds or cares for livestock on a range. That’s exactly what our wranglers at Hawley Mountain Ranch do…. and they do their job well.  

Hawley Mountain......A Perfect Habitat for Elk


In years past elk herds grazed the meadows below Hawley Mountain Ranch, but the wolf packs that have ventured out of Yellowstone Park have drastically reduced the numbers.  However, elk do still reside in the area, as the massive forests, lush meadows, and nearby water source makes it an ideal location in which to exist. 

Visiting Hawley Mountain Ranch Brings Many Smiles

Just look at the grins on the faces of these children!

smiling girls at hawley mountain
smiling cowboy at hawley
girl with horse

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