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The Sky's the Limit!

Almost every week guests set out to scale the almost 11,000 feet elevation to get to the top of Monument Peak.

monument peak hike in the rockies

This hike is not for the "faint of heart"!

monument hike in the mountains 

But the view at the top is outstanding.  What an exhilerating experience!  

monument hike at top of mountain

The climb back down is easier, but it still takes concentration.

monument hike descent on mountain

Please Have a S'more....

smore"s at the campfire 

Twice a week at the campfire a favorite activity is "S'more Time."  Each person has his/her own technique roasting the marshmallow.  Some take a lot of time to roast theirs to a perfect golden brown, while others burn their marshmallow to a crisp.  However, we have noticed that the finished product turns out doesn't really matter.

smore fun at hawley mountain campfires

They all taste good!  Evidence is often found on the faces of the "roasters".  A little dirt on the face and hands from the volleyball game doesn't seem to hamper the experience.  Yum!!

Busy Fall Tasks for the Hawley Mountain Staff

The end of the summer season is drawing to a close the end of September.  However, there remains many things to get accomplished during the next few weeks.  Staff members have already dug into some of  the tasks for fall work.  


  Wrangler Allison  shows her strength by chopping firewood.  Getting an adequate supply for the colder months ahead takes a lot of hard work.

tree cutting at Hawley Mountain

At Hawley Mountain most of our lumber used for building and repairs is taken from trees on our property.  Maintenance man, Ryan, and Operations Manager, Erik, work at cutting down trees to be used for an addition on our laundry room.  Not a task for the faint of heart!


Ryan is sawing the tree trunks into various sizes of lumber for the addition.  It's a slow and tedious job, but accuracy is important in order to build without errors. 

We have outgrown our present day laundry room, so this work project will be a welcomed addition to make things much easier for the housekeeping staff in the 2019 sseason.  



Meet Alpha and Bravo!

A new addition at Hawley Mountain this summer are two goats on loan from our head wrangler, Allison.  One of the goats' purposes at the ranch is to eat some of the invasive plants around the buildings.  They do a fine job with this task, but that's not their only purpose.  

allisons goats

These goats respond well to Allison, or should we say, most of the time.  They have been known to get off of their leases, and then the roundup begins.

allisons goats2

Sometimes they show up at inappropriate times, such at meal time at the cookouts.  We think they are just looking for a little attention from guests.

hawley mountain goats3

Allison demonstates that Alpha and Bravo really do have a practical and useful function as well.  She uses them as pack animals when she takes hikes into the mountains.  Allsion states that each goat can carry up to 20 pounds.  That certainly helps with carrying some of the load on the trails.  

hawley mountai goats4

Perhaps one of the goats' most important functions is to provide good times of enjoyment for guests of all ages.  This young man is certainly getting to know more about goats in a very fun way!  His expression says it all.....



Hiking to the Top....

hiking to the mountain top1

Hiking with friends to the top of a mountain can be challenging, but going in a group makes a great support system.

getting to the mountain top2

The views along the way aren't hard to look at either.

getting to the mountain top3 

  getting to the mountain top4

Once at the top of Monument Peak be sure to sign your name to validate your effort!

getting to the top of the mountain 5

Sharing the experience with friends makes the hiking trek all worthwhile.


"Horse Bonding" at Hawley Mountain Ranch

horse and boy at hawley mountain   Horses are always a popular item at Hawley Mountain Ranch. The kids eagerly arrive early for the morning ride in time to check on their horses and give them a little lovin'.

young horseback riders

These two young cowboys are headed off for a fun ride on their mighty steeds, Red Cloud and Mac.

horse bonding at hawley mmountain ranch

One doesn't have to be a kid to fall in love with horses.  Our riders of all ages bond with their horse during the week and have a hard time saying goodby after their last ride on Saturday afternoon.  



Branding Time!

branding at hawley mountain

There might not be any cows at Hawley Mountain Ranch, but there is certainly a lot of branding going on!  At the campfires Ron puts his branding irons into the hot coals and waits for the temperature on the irons to get just right.  Then let the branding begin.....


The most popular item to be branded is a pair of jeans, usually a bit dirty after a few days of horseback riding.  A block of wood is placed in the pocket to avoid holes in the jeans.

branding at the campfire

Ron has branded all sorts of other items as well.  Boots for example...

branding at the campfire.

Belts, jackets, shirts, purses, and even this young man's holsters!

hawley mountain souvenir

Can't think of a less expensive, but very unique souvenir from Hawley Mountain Ranch, can you?




Join the Hawley Mountain Team!

volleyball at hawley mountain

One of the best ways to get a group of new guests acquainted with each other and become "besties" by the end of the week is to get a lively game of volleyball started after the cookout.  Rules are a bit lax as we play with "mountain" rules which pretty much means that anything goes!

volleyball game    volley ball 4

There are no age limits, so the young (and older) can occupy the court.  At times some of the staff nearly sacrifice their bodies trying to get a ball over the net, but no serious injuries have been reported.

volleyball at hawley mountain

It takes lots of concentration to get that ball served over the net.  What a way to learn teamwork while having lots of fun!


First Horseback Ride of the Week

first morning horseback ride

The guests gather on Monday morning at the barn for some safety and riding instruction given by our wranglers before heading out on their first ride of the week.  

 adjusting tack for first horseback ride

Each rider is given careful attention by the wranglers to make sure everything is just right.

first horseback ride of the week

Sometimes it takes a little help with a knee boost to get up into that high saddle, but the wranglers aim to help all they can!

first horseback ride of the week

Once everything is set to the wranglers' specifications off go the riders to enjoy some additional training in the arena and then on to enjoy a fun meadow ride.

100th Year Milestone at Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch

100th hawley mountain ranch celebration

 Who would have guessed that the purchase of the Tom Hawley homestead by the Jarrett family100 years ago would result in the present day guest ranch at Hawley Mountain? 2017 was certainly a year to remember up here at the ranch.  A large group of family and friends gathered in July to help celebrate this important part of ranch history.

people gathering at hawley mountain      people at hawley mountain celebration

Over 130 guests gathered to celebrate with us, and it was a great time for conversations with old friends and share a lot of "memories.

dinner at hawley mountain celebration    music

An amazing dinner was prepared by the kitchen crew while the rest of the staff scurried with the rest of the preparations to make the event so enjoyable.  Music was furnished by a talented local group from Big Timber entertaining the guests during their evening meal and afterwards. 

50th anniversary celebration

That same evening owners Ron and Phyllis Jarrett were totally surprised to discover that their 50th wedding anniversary was being celebrated as well.  What a memorable time for all of us!

Best Cook in the West!


Hawley Mountain Ranch has found a real treasure in our cook, Nancy.  Returning for her 5th year 
she has prepared tasty meals for a hungry group of guests and staff with amazing variety and effeciency. Ranch meals are served buffet style, and there are always plenty of choices for everyone's preferences. 

food at Hawley Mountain .

Check out these two loaves of sour dough bread fresh from the oven.  Don't they just make your mouth water?

Cookout Food is the Best!

The best thing about cookouts at Hawley Mountain is the big burgers and brats!  Sometimes it can be a real challenge for small mouths to get around their sandwich.

big bites 1

But where there's a will, there's definitely a way!

big bites 2

Horseback Ride to High Meadow

horseback ride from Hawley Mountain Ranch to high meadow edited-1

Off to a high meadow go the Hawley Mountain horseback riders!  Placer Basin trail is popular for hikers, as well as horseback riders, because of the spectacular view when looking up the Boulder River valley. After a short stop to overlook the impressive Hells Canyon,  the riders continue on up the trail  to reach a lush meadow often covered with alpine wildflowers.

Dirty Faces....a Sign of a Great Meal!

dirty face 1

"Guess what I ate at the cookout?"

dirty face 3

Bet you can't guess what I ate!

dirty face 2

"After a wild game of volleyball I'm ready to enjoy a s'more, dirt and all!" 



Hawley Mountain Wranglers Work Hard!

A “wrangler” is defined as a person who herds or cares for livestock on a range.  That’s exactly what our wranglers at Hawley Mountain Ranch do….and they do their job well.

helping rider
crossing river

 Getting to the Other Side Works Well on Horseback

Why did the horses cross to the other side?  Because it's loads of fun!

Horses are wetting their whistles before heading across the pristine Boulder River.

katie and guest2

The horses know their way, so they are able to avoid some of the larger boulders in the river.  Guests enjoy the experience of actually being in the river...without getting wet!  Early in the season the river level is high enough to cause wet boots or pant legs to occur if you have long legs...or a short-legged horse.

katie and guest

There is nothing more enjoyable than taking a river ride on a foggy autumn day.  Beauty is all around you.

olivia and guests in fog

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