A Special Proposal in the Mountains of Montana

Many romantic moments have occurred at Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch, and a very special one happened along the Boulder River this summer.

This past summer a young couple, Riley and Mason, came to the ranch with Riley's family.  Mason had a surprise in mind for his girlfriend and made arrangements for our manager Joe to help him out with his plan.  Mason suggested that he and Riley take a romantic stroll down to the the Boulder River which is located on the ranch.  Once they arrived to a pre-planned location along this beautiful riverbank Mason made his proposal of marriage to Riley.  Her answer was "Yes"!  Happy smiles are evident on both faces... 

proposal 1 400x400

proposal 2 400x400

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A wedding proposal....and acceptance require a photo to capture this special moment in the lives of these two young people.  Such a beautiful ring purchased by Mason certainly put a sparkle in his fiance's eyes!  As they are surrounded by this beautiful river in the wilderness of Montana we are sure this couple has already started to think of the wonderful experiences that lie ahead for them in the years to come.

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