Horses and Kids Create SMILES!

children ranch vacation1

When a child is put on the back of a horse the smiles just happen!  They are eager to head out on the trails to try out their cowboy skills in the massive Montana wilderness.  After safety instruction at the corral the riders are ready to head to the arena to show that they can handle their horses selected for them for the week.

children ranch vacation2
children ranch vacation3

Children ages 6 and older are able to ride on our wilderness trails. The wranglers have input on whether the longer rides are a possibility. Young Mary shows her love of horses and is riding with the big smile as she begins her horseback ride in the meadow. The young brothers have just arrived to their destination in the high meadow where they have experienced riding on switchbacks, crossing a river bridge, and demonstrating that they could handle the 2 and ½ hour ride to get there.

children ranch vacation5
children ranch vacation6

The smiles are evident as our wrangler leads the rider on a ride heading to more fun-filled places on the Montana trails. Young Bobby, who was apprehensive about getting on a horse at first, looks like things are going just fine now which the “thumbs up” indicates. Smiles from these kids show that horseback riding may become a lifetime activity for them!