Our guests spend many hours at our trout pond in the summer months.  That's where the fly fishing lessons are taught on Monday evenings.  Also water activites such as swimming and use of our paddle boards and kayaks occur on the warmer days.  Frog catching is a really fun sport for some of the younger people, and often, this activity has been the first time ever tried by many!

all inclusive vacation includes fishing

fly fishing in Montana


  Sometimes a fisherman needs a little help bringing in a catch.  That's when this young lady steped in to deal with the issue.  At times the trout doesn't want to cooperate which means spending a little more time in the chilly water to get the job done.  

  fly fishing in montana

We're not sure if this "fish kissing" was a dare, or if this young lady wanted to see what that experience was like.  However, we're not sure that kissing a fish will turn it into a prince.  What do you think? Perhaps it will be a dude ranch experience that she will never forget!