Branding Time at  Hawley Mountain Ranch

Cows aren't the only item that get branded in Montana!  At Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch almost any type of object has been branded in the years past.  It's a really fun activity that is enjoyed by guests of all ages around the campfires twice a week.  

campfire branding4

The most common article that guests bring down to the cookout area is their favorite pair of jeans.  Ron has become quite the expert at branding, as his goal is to NOT burn a hole through the pocket. He has his special board that he inserts into the pocket to prevent too much branding.  This also prevents any personal "hide burning" of our dude ranch guests! Notice that he always has an audience watching the process.  

campfire branding3

The Hawley Mountain brand is an offical Montana brand and is proudly displayed by this young lady.  An inexpensive souvenir to take home with her!

campfire branding

Boots, belts, boards, gloves, shirts, jackets.....almost any kind of item has been branded at the ranch.  No casualities yet!

campfire branding2

Even a little girl's pink cowgirl hat is carefully branded at the campfire.  However, the operation is being closely observed by its owner to see that no harm comes to her proud possession...