A Day in the Life of a Hawley Mountain Horse

Our Hawley Mountain horses live in a paradise much of the year.  They enjoy a wilderness situation for several months which promotes good health and stamina.  In late May wranglers gather the herd which can sometimes be a challenge, as the horses have experienced freedom for months and perhaps would like that life style to continue!  After getting their new shoes, the horses are brought up to the ranch to begin their four months of actual employment.  A first task is to help get trails cleared, while at the same time, the horses re-learn proper “behavior” when carrying their rider.

clearing trail

winter pasture4


The day begins about 7:00 in the morning when wranglers bring the horses in to the corral from our ranch pasture. 

round up in am4

After re-fueling and getting outfitted with their saddles and bridles, our horses meet their new horseback riders for the week.  Although a horse tends to test its rider the very first morning to see what will be allowed while on the trail, many close connections occur between the horse and rider by the end of the week.  Our horses know the trails well and make sure guests experience the wilderness to the upmost!  After a busy day of work, it’s quitting time for the herd.  Off to the pasture they race for a night of eating and rest to prepare for the next day!

getting ready to ride

getting ready to ride11

high meadow

quitting time3


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