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hawley mountain wilderness


With our remote location and small group of visitors coming each week to a wilderness area, Hawley Mountain Ranch should provide a less worrisome environment of peace and comfort for those eager to get on with a more normal life. We feel extremely fortunate to have finished the 2020 season with no COVID infections of guests or staff during or after their stays, and we are excited about the 2021 season.

Some information is listed below showing the steps we have taken to provide an environment as safe as possible for you during a stay at our ranch:

  • Guests will fill out a COVID Disclosure Form upon arrival at the ranch by answering simple questions related to the COVID which will be kept on file.
  • Temperatures and screening of guests and staff will be undertaken.
  • At times you will be in close contact with about 30 people during your ranch stay which could have some inherent risks.
  • Spacing of dining tables has been done as much as possible. The lodge deck also offers more social distancing for meals.
  • Hand sanitizer is found in several locations for frequent use.  Guests must sanitize hands before entering the food line.
  • Sanitizing of tables, chairs, bathrooms, doorknobs, horse tack, and other surfaces touched by individuals will occur as reasonably possible.
  • Masks are available for those wanting to wear them, especially when in the lodge. Masks will be required on airport shuttles.
  • We will continue with our summer plans as usual until we learn of reasons not to do so. It is our hope that anyone with reservations has received their vaccinations and tried to avoid chances of exposure to COVID as much as possible.   That helps us provide a safer environment for you and others, so everyone can enjoy their time spent in this great Montana wilderness.

Our goal is to make your vacation stay with us as NORMAL as possible.  Having FUN is important as well as keeping a safe environment in which to enjoy the ranch activities.


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